Our brief was to create a sonic logo for Westinghouse, one of the worlds best known appliance companies. Their new line "Happy To Help" gave us the springboard to create an upbeat, unique and memorable sonic that sings to their brand values of respect, excellence, creativity, integrity and passion. ‘Happy to Help’ works across all the brand’s sub-categories and positions Westinghouse as the quiet, reliable helping hand in Aussie homes that, when called upon, will step up and help out so you can get back to living.


The sonic branding needed to encapsulate all the brand pillars and celebrate family life, full of optimism and human emotion. The sonic was launched at the end of their brand new TVC that Smith & Western also worked on. The commercial tells the story of a dinner party gone wrong, thanks to a lively Grey Morwong fish who has other plans – with Westinghouse quietly stepping up to the plate to save the day. It’s a deliberate play by Westinghouse to step change the categories stereotypes and conventions by using humour and a story to emotionally connect with consumers who’ve been drowning in rational category messaging. Smith & Western composed a dynamic and frenetic drum track that seamlessly culminates in the first outing of the sonic logo.


The sonic features dynamic sound design and a female vocalist singing their new tagline "Happy To Help" to a memorable 4-note melody.